This has been such a generous space in which to grow and regenerate.
— A. Rothman-Hicks, 2019 participant
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This was a time spent in the company of physically & ideologically curious minds embarking upon a journey of embodied awareness informed by the Alexander Technique. I’m taking with me an organic alignment that returns the body to an efficient and effective state, many ideas for lesson plans, a desire to integrate Alexander ideas into my practice and my life. This is a great technology for movement practitioners and “theater” people.
— R. Raymond, 2019 participant
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I enjoyed learning about the body more expansively, and it will give me more credibility and help when sharing with others.
— C. Linder, 2019 particpant
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Freedom to Teach, 2020 is April 14-18 at the Balance Arts Center in NYC

I can testify to how amazing this week has been. I literally feel like I am living in a new body ... and we’re not even done!
— J. Fuller, 2019 participant