The Alexander Technique

What’s the Big Idea?

This workshop is designed for drama and dance teachers who would like to enhance their teaching and artistic skills through intensive study of the Alexander Technique.  


Schedule of Events

What’s in a day?

Each day will include Alexander Technique group class, half hour private AT lessons, and afternoon sessions specifically tailored to dance and drama. Evenings are free so that participants can explore the art scene in NYC.

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Theatrical Clown


High Stakes Scenes


optimal use

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Spacial Awareness


Vocal use




Floor work

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Our faculty are Alexander Technique Teachers with artistic practices, who apply the AT principles to the art of teaching as well as their own artistic disciplines.  They are currently teaching at such schools as NYU Grad Acting, The New School, The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Movement Research, Bennington College, The Balance Arts Center, Lincoln Center Education, and more.




Balance Arts Center


The workshop will be held at the new Balance Arts Center in NYC where we have expanded facilities to teach, explore and perform in a setting where the main focus and offering are lessons, courses, and events based on the Alexander Technique.




Freedom to Teach is a project developed by Tracy Einstein and Ann Rodiger to make the Alexander Technique accessible to teachers from all walks of life. Through awareness, concious control, and improving their use-of-self, all types of teachers can improve their efficacy and self-care. The inaugural program, designed for college-level dance and drama teachers, will take place in NYC in June of 2019. We hope to see you there!